Links to other resources

Here is a list of links to other resources for teaching children about the brain that might be useful for you:

Further teaching resources Neuroscience for kids – a cornucopia of student-friendly information, exercises and worksheets about the brain. Teaching Neuroscience and the Brain for Kids BrainyKids at the Dana Foundation more worksheets and lessons site for a computer game on neuroscience aimed at 10-15 year olds called Neuromatrix. This site provides supporting material for parents and teachers to talk to children about the brain.

Brain-related surveys and games for students The Open University has developed a series of games and surveys for the BBC Child of our Times series to help children learn about their own psychology. Visitors get to be part of a national science experiment and immediately see how their results compare to everyone else’s. A collection of brain-related games for chidlren Another collection of brain-related games for children A great site about the brain specifically for kids. Many thanks to Amy in Mrs Ward’s class for finding this one.

 Fun books for students about the brain Shortlisted for the Avantis Book Prize and still the only books written for teenagers to help them understand their brains. Thsi is a more general book about the brain to help children and teenagers understand what makes their brain different from everyone else’s, what their special skills are and what sorts of food are good for their brain. Pitched for a younger audience, this book is full of brilliant illustrations and activities for children to do to help them understand their brain.,,9781405353731,00.html: Edited by Robert Winston, this book is suitable for most age groups and gives a nice, illustrated description of many of the functions of the brain.