• Brain Biology

    In this section we explore the biology of the human brain – what it looks and feels like, how it compares to other animals’ brains, what the brain is made up of, what the different parts of the brain do and how we’ve come to know so much about the brain.

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  • Brain Function

    In this section we look at how the brain learns and remembers, how it manages to do more than one thing at once, how is pays attention and how it can be tricked with illusions.

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  • The Social Brain

    In this section we examine how we perceive faces and social cues, how and why we tend to see social cues even where there aren’t any, people’s emotions, why we imitate each-other, how we can tell what someone else is thinking and how magicians use psychology to trick us.

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2011 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

The BrainBank is based on a series of lectures presented by Professor Bruce Hood for the 2011 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures entitled ‘Meet Your Brain’. Audience members were surveyed before and after the lectures to explore what demonstrations were the most effective, the most memorable and the most enjoyable. Subsequently, we tested 300 pupils from widening participation schools around Bristol before, immediately after the lecture and 7 weeks after the lecture to examine which demonstrations were most effective and which were remembered best. The BrainBank is the culmination of that work, incorporating the 60 demonstrations that worked best and were best remembered by the largest number of students

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Instructor Notes

Find out more about the brainbank project and how to use it

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Teaching Materials

Delve into our teacher materials and demonstrations

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